L8 Risk Assessment (Mandatory)

For all landlords, businesses & facility management companies, WSSI will conducted an onsite L8 Risk Assessment full report and certified.


  • L8 Risk Assessment to ensure that your management teams and buildings Hot & Cold water services are compliant with today’s Health & Safety Legislation.
  • Our service covers all aspects of water storage and usage within buildings annual cleaning & disinfection of MWBT’s, CWST’s the flushing of the Hot & Cold water services.


  • MWBT’s and CWST’s annual cleaning & disinfection.


  • RWST’s annual cleaning & disinfection.


  • FWST’s IPCB testing, cleaning & disinfection


  • Testing of Well Water, Mains Water, Surface Water in addition to bulk water storage tanks.


(full details of L8 Risk Assessment are available from the HSE)

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